Education for the family

What about family values?

The concept of "family values" became a slogan. It was used by many politicians to promote their agenda, especially among those who consider themselves politically conservative. However, the term has lost its meaning in the process of being politicized.

Currently, the religious right is looking intensively at the presidential candidates, ensuring that its version of family values was adopted by candidates. If the politician has joined himself with his brand of family values, all bets are off. At that time, no candidate seems to be pleasing to the religious right. Hence, the calls came from third president of view.

To truly understand the values of family, we must isolate the political and religious pandering. Are family values on the support, care and compassion that family members show to each other. We see it every day in its simplicity.

The values of the family begins with the partners who love and are committed to their fellow spiritual and psychological well-being. These couples are this respect, value and trust with each other implicitly. A partner is not necessary to obtain the approval of a sense of your loved ones.

If children are involved, these couples develop a consensus on how their children will be raised. They clearly understand that the rules are reasonable. They are closely linked to their children and share his living by gambling, education, discipline and participation in their activities for children. Couples cherish every moment with the children because they realize that one day their children away and advance. Good parents do not feel this posting, but see it as a form of self-determination. It is a "feather in his cap."

Even after children transition to adulthood, we remained open and connected to provide support. If we are fortunate enough to have grandchildren, who relish the opportunity to host the family nest. We support our children of their parents and look forward to the time when our grandchildren spend time with us in our care and support. We consider it a blessing to have another chance to love and appreciate our grandchildren.

The most important value that we can teach our family is civility. Civility is a learned behavior in which we treat others with kindness and respect. We take special care to treat the less fortunate than us with compassion and support. We try to understand those who share different perspectives and not in a form of assessment to consider such distinctions.

The family unity is not a political or religious concept, but rather a primary instinct. In all cultures, it is a natural desire to protect and feed the flock. There is nothing new on family values. In our global community, taking care of this love is the most important thing. From compassion to the family of the company, we are able to host our family of alienation that is characteristic of today's society.