Education for the family

The meetings are a communication tool for families raising grandparents grandchildren

My husband and I are raising our 16 years, two grandchildren. It is a challenge. Children have had to adapt to a new house, new schedules, new foods, new customs and new rules. To complicate matters further, our grandchildren are in mourning for both parents, who were killed in road accidents.

A minister has proposed family gatherings as a way to improve communication. Our first meeting was not held. The children could barely sit still and do not want to talk. Meetings families Internet search and found that the education centres of the family website. The center, headquartered in Richmond, Va., said that families are pressed for time today. Family meetings are designed to fill the time lag.

The Centre for Family Education has guidelines for family reunification in place. These include:

1) regular meetings;

2) meeting if a family member se ha ido or refuses to participate;

3) talk about the positive and achievements;

4), including a fun activity and

5) reflection on the decisions.

The Colorado State Extension Service also has guidelines on its website, "10 tips for successful family reunification." These are detailed advice, like having a leader, secretary, and time-keeping. Two councils stressed the rest -- Reflection on a topic at a time and use of I-messages. Although these sites are some useful tips, most do not relate to our situation.

Our grandchildren are so busy that it is difficult to find time for family gatherings. Since regular meetings are impossible, we met as appropriate. We had three meetings and family that are difficult, painful additional was "family member" to each. We have held meetings short and limited debate to two questions. At the last meeting, we we focus on the rules of the house. We showed the children a draft proposed rules and were asked if there were others who suggest.

Although children do not come with rules from home, our question has sparked a brief debate. Sometimes, our granddaughter sends us e-mails, which are their substitute for a family reunion. We believe that our family meetings will help improve gradually. As the Colorado State University Web site notes: "As family members grow and change over time, so you can make the rules for family reunification."

My husband and myself have targets for future meetings. One goal is to carry out the sensitive issues in the open air. A second objective is to solve family problems. The third and last goal May be most beneficial - to enjoy each other and have fun together. Are you a GRG, raising grandchildren grandparents? If so, such as family reunification in their calendar.

C. Education Finance - do not feel screwed If you are born into a poor family

Oh, yes! you must learn to understand the consequences of these two words that many people have been confused for years! Today, I just want to show how it works and encourage some people who are not happy when they are born into a poor family. You do not have the possibility of seizing money to put in your pocket immediately the day they are born, but is more likely to grasp and manage the money to you and this opportunity should be better education.

Born into a wealthy family and being born full-family education that we are going to choose? I am not what you want, but I will defend straight and tell you that I will choose education. I used to think and denunciation why I was not born into a wealthy family, but until recently, I just know that you do not need money to make money. Education is Your Money Maker machine.

If you are born into a wealthy family, but if you do not know how to use multiple or your money wisely, before or after you end up broke. The money is like a weapon mysterical-you never know when it will strike. The money is his good friend and their enemy dangerous.

Do not ever think of money before obtaining an education that must be born in a poor or rich family is no different, but the difference is the amount of education will continue.

Stop Worrying about money, you get a good education and the money will come around. Like saying "money can be stolen and create a different image, but that their education is always and remains faithful to you until the rest of his life."

For me, I was not born into a wealthy family. My parents separated when I was young. my life was completely horrible. when it comes to food-Lunch and dinner: chicken or duck eggs was shared with 4 people (Mom, me and my two other brothers), most of the time you know what I mean by that , But I'm so lucky because I have a grandmother.

Example: As everyone knows who earn their living online have a large number of web sites and earn money from ads and affiliate third ... TCE.

I do not use the money to make money using my education and leadership to make money I think at home during the execution of money in my bank account each day. It's magic, yet powerful education that I have, of course, to spend on housing and advocacy, but it is very minimal. I can not do so certainly can too! I am taking another step and is now becoming an investor!

Do not limit yourself to be sad and sit around doing nothing! The steps you need to do right now if you want to be effective and avoid their bad life!

1.Be smart and not be lazy

2.Believe in their self-never give up their self-stimulation

3.Get a good education-ask yourself what you want and you'll become your near future to have a solid plan and stick to it

4.Get a job at a job is not a creator of wealth, but at least gives the seeds to keep alive their lives every day and gives you the strength to climb the hill (A job is a first step in staircase before reaching the top, you)

5.Refresh his mind by reading a lot of money and books and other items, get a good night's sleep, stay active and alert their lives by what they catch up with the changing modern world

6.Stay near the intelligence people do get a mentor and friend

7.Never money-put your money to invest in gold, real estate ... TCS!

8.Quit his work from making automatic income, and become a true investor

9.Keep continuing education special financial education